Cold Truth Of Our National Pandemic

It’s back.  Yes, it’s the dreaded return of the terrible plague that has tortured my people for years now.

I am of course referring to the song, “Let It Go” from the movie, “Frozen”.

I really don’t know who else knows yet, but I just heard the rumour:  The sequel to Frozen is coming.  Terrible isn’t it?  Now I know some people don’t really care, and personally I don’t have anything against the movie (I never watched it) but a lot of my friends have a little sister (my best friend has two…) and I think we all know what happens when a six year old girl gets a princess song stuck in her head.  Yikes.  Well this is what the older brother kind have to worry about, an obnoxious Disney song that spreads by sound waves, has no known cure, and is completely unavoidable unless you are prepared to go under self quarantine.  It is some kind of super virus!  Come to think of it, I really don’t think this song can go away.  The movie came out on DVD September 28th 2013.  I know people that have had “Let It Go” stuck in their heads since the release date.  I have a bad feeling that the world’s most lingering song will be revamped, and stick around Another Entire Year.  By that time Disney will have probably accomplished even more addictive tunes, and the cycle repeats.

If you haven’t left to go hide under your bed (or run to the nearest Block Buster store to buy your niece’s all time favorite sing along) I would like to leave a positive note.  It’s winter, and nothing shuts up a sibling like a good snow ball (or a rolled up sock if you live south) to make anyone stop singing.

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