A Weird Article

Welcome to paradox paradise! In this post I will be weirding you out, by defining weird and normal! To start off things, I would like to say, THERE IS NO NORMAL. That’s pretty weird…  But it does (almost) make sense. To prove this, I want you to think of how many people you know that:

  • Have average grades
  • Look similar to everybody you know
  • Act similar to everybody you know
  • Are similar to everybody you know in all ways possible

Okay, so not a lot of people are normal (my definition of normal is, having a majority of similarities to others around them) If you DO know somebody that is like that, then that’s NOT NORMAL.  Why?  Because they are a one in a million, which makes them, you guessed it, Weird.  But wait, I just had a weird thought, weird and normal need each other in order to exist!  If normal didn’t exist, than there would be nothing to compare weird with to make it weird!  Gee, that’s pretty weird…  I believe what I have found and recognized here is A Paradox.  Which makes me a nerd, and nerds are weird, but then again, everybody is weird in there own quirky way.  Yaaaay!  Everything Is Normal Again!  Wait a minute, am I weird or not???

Self Profile

In order to more clearly define weird, I’ll be throwing myself into the way of the constant threat of being labeled as weird.  I already am, but this might prove it scientifically.

I live on a ranch on the outskirts of a small town that is on few road maps anyway, with three bilingual cats, a bunch of cows, a huge Russian Boar, eight chickens and a dog that gets along with every one of them.  I run a blog, am tall for even other people’s ages, and have stupid fake accents.   I am indeed Weird.  But wait! there’s hope for me yet!  Because everybody else I know isn’t normal (if I do that makes them weird too.), I actually sorta, not really, kinda fit in!  Yes!  Even if I am weird, other people are weird right along with me!  Awesome!!!  Does anyone else have a headache?

Concussion   Conclusion

We live in a weird world ( I before E except after C????  Come On!  Who thinks this stuff up??).  Weird and normal are different, the same, and non-existent.  Nerds are completely causal, and paradoxes make good blog material.

One More Bit Of Weird

I firmly believe that if you asked anyone around the world their opinion on this blog post, they would say it was weird.  Which is VERY WEIRD, considering that so many people have Never agreed on the same thing before!


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