Parenting Tip: Dental Plans

So my friends and I were discussing teen dilemmas, and somehow or another we drifted off topic onto our future adult lives, and then onto little children…
And then, it hit me!  No. Not a car. A brilliant one-liner!  I couldn’t resist using it, so I did!  And you know what?  Everyone thought it was a terrific idea!  So here’s the theory in full:

“When I have kids, and their baby teeth start to get loose, instead of putting up with all that tooth fairy nonsense, I’m just going to tell them that they didn’t take good enough care of their teeth, but it’s okay, because they get One.  More.  Chance.”

I mean, seriously, do you really want to fill your child’s head with the lies that your parents taught you, and stay up way too late waiting for them to go to sleep so that you can give them money for something that’s been in their mouth their entire life???  Rather than that, when my kids show me what fell out of their mouth, I’m just going to pretend to freak out, and when they get all upset, I’ll just tell them that they get one more chance, and they need to take way better care of their teeth.

This should save me on dental bills too…

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