18th Century Math

Be certain to show your math teacher this post…  He’ll just love it.

I was looking at my textbook and looked at all the markings and symbols for inequalities, roots, exponents, variables, and functions when I realized something astounding!

If you were to ever show a textbook like this to your average Englishman or American Settler up until the late 1700s, they’d take a single glance at the first page, and deem it a spellbook.                

 “Ahh, what a mighty fine book ye have been granted.  May I take a look?  Alas!  I doth not comprehend thine foreign inscriptions!  *Gasp!*  Surely ye be a witch!  SLAY THE PERPETRATOR!

Looking at history we can safely presume this is exactly how many time travelers have fallen.

   What I find funnier still is how a man in the 1600s does math:

Q:  If Billy possesseth five apples, and giveth three to Susan, how many doth he now haveth?

A:  NONE!  AND A HARSH WORD AND A WRATHFUL BEATING!  His mother scolds the child for such frivolous wasting of what food he has!

And taketh away his last two apples…

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