HAIL No! (part II)

This is being written the morning after the storm.

Contacting friends, I got first hand reports of the storm in various regions.

  • At my house was marble sized hail and strong thunder and lightning.
  • On the route from Kerrville to Bandera the “Lightning was insane.”
  • Fist sized hail stones fell at the indicated point on the map.
  • Funnel Clouds were seen developing over Bandera/Pipe Creek area.

During The Hailstorm, By Zach Lyman

To prepare for this emergency, we got out a number of supplies to protect from hail from flashlights to water in case pipes broke.  Here’s what we had, and what you need next time you have to weather a storm.

  • Flashlights:  If the power goes out, or you need to go out into the dark night, flashlights are a necessity.  I like the Maglite ML300LX LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Matte Black ,but any strong beam will suffice.
  • Water Purification:  Drink water straight out of puddles, rivers, and flash floods with the Life Straw
  • Food Rations:  Because even when the power goes out and you can’t cook, you’ll still be hungry.  I find that Clif Bars are a terrific non cook food for adventures and survival.  Personally I like CLIF BAR -Chocolate Chip)
  • Hard Hat:  Don’t learn the hard way that a helmet is the best thing you can have in a hail storm.  If it gets very big, no umbrella is going to help.  This one could be a life saver!  The MSA Safety Works Hard Hat is sure to protect your noggin!

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