Green Briar

Today I’m going to be talking about a plant that everybody hates.  That’s Right!  Green Briar, that annoying little spikey vine that sticks up out of the ground and catches your legs and hurts like th’ dickens!

Yes, it may be a nasty little pain in the leg and even more common than Poison Ivy, but unlike Poison Ivy, You Can Eat It!

I found some on a walk home from swimming, and decided to pick it to replace lettuce on my next sandwich.

Green Briar Found Near The Pathway
Now, the portion that’s edible isn’t the tough, spikey stalks pictured above, but the soft,  tender, sprouting portion at the tip of the vine.

It’s pretty easy to collect, and the handful pictured bottom right was collected in less than a minute.  I tend to only pick the tips, but the shoots are good to eat as long as they’re still soft and thorn less.  In the end, this was everything collected.

How Does It Taste Though??  Well, it tastes like salad greens, so it all depends on your standpoint on vegetables.

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