Wednesday, 3, 29, 2017-  Today I went to a thrift shop with some friends.  I found a couple of really sweet posters of places I’ve been.  I wanted to get them, but I also wanted a good deal.

I took them to the counter and asked to buy them for 50¢ a piece.

She asked $1.00 each.

I offered 75¢ each.

She straightened her glasses on her nose, clicked her tongue and nodded.  “No, I can’t sell them for that.  But I’m willing to let you take them both for $1.50.”

So I walked away with the posters for 75¢ a piece.

As I walked out the door I heard a soft voice behind me say, “oh wait…” followed by the patter of a palm slapping a forehead.

By the way, I didn’t just use any old rocks to hold these down.  I think I found some geodes.  Guess who’s doing some geode smashing later?

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