Eyes In The Darkness

I didn’t think to snap a photo before being eaten alive, but I still have the vivid images ingrained in my mind, and now they can be embedded in yours too!

I was up early –earlier than I should have been.  I woke up at 2:30 (AM, not PM), in anticipation of a comet predicted to pass over our house.  Normally I would have just stayed in bed, but for some reason I grabbed my hiking stick, and next thing I knew I was out in the night waiting for a streak of ice to peel across the sky.  So I sat outside in the middle of a field waiting.  The comet never came.  Eventually a fog rolled in, and clouds formed to block out the sky.  I wasn’t going to be able to see it even if it was just running late.  I wasn’t tired, and decided to take a walk through the forest.  As I was walking about the fog enveloped trees, I remembered a reoccurring nightmare.  I was standing in the dream.  The fog, the lighting, the trees… it was all just right.  Then I remembered another detail… something about a mountain lion.  As I stared into the darkness, I knew what happened next:  I was going to turn on my flashlight, point it ahead of me, and look into the gleaming eyes of a mountain lion.  At this point my head started swimming and I was debating whether I would turn on the light, or hide in the darkness.  Eventually, I said to myself, “Whatever.  I’m gonna do it.”  

I switched on the light.  I saw a large pair of cat eyes staring back at me.  My heart stopped for a good 5 seconds.  Everything stopped, but the wondering carried on.  I wasn’t sure how this all turned out.  I always woke up before the lion pounced.  I clutched my Maglite , ready to beat the brains out of the next forest beast that came within my vicinity.  As I stepped forward to get in a fighting stance, the eyes disappeared and there was a brief rustle in the leaves.  A whitetail deer gave a warning cry and bolted past me.  I laughed to myself.  It was only a deer!  I decided I had enough of the forest, and the fog, and the creatures in it, and walked home.  At first, I thought it really was just the deer I had caught with my flashlight beam, and that the rustling was only a whitetail, as afraid as I was.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized the the deer was likely running from something worse than me.  After all, it ran right by me, rather than away.  Not long after that night, I found a deer carcass on the South side of our farm, apparently carved out by a giant cat.  But the most intriguing part of all was that the carcass was found in the same area where the whitetail had fled on that one foggy night.

Pierce through the darkness and ward off the fiercest creatures of the night with the  Heavy Duty Maglite Flashlight

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