Axe Throwing & Everything Explained


It’s been an extremely valuable skill throughout history, and now it can be yours too!  Axe Throwing has been used by Native Americans, Frontiersmen, Hunters, Pioneers, and all kinds of Adventurers!  In the future, it’ll probably be used by post-apocalyptic event survivors, (Whoo, Whoo!).  While the task seems daunting at first, once you start, wielding a tomahawk is actually very easy to pick up, and probably less complicated than knife throwing.  Another thing about it is that it’s very calming and helps the mind straighten out.  To tell the truth, the reason I got so good at it was group projects.

While I could gush for paragraphs about how great of a skill this can be (there’s one up above, and I could add a few more…), I’ll just go ahead and learn you about it so you can go out and do it yourself!

The axe featured in the video is the Estwing Double Bladed Tomahawk

Another high tier axe by the same brand is the Estwing Single Blade Black Eagle Tomahawk

If you’d like an axe intended for those with a thin wallet there’s always the  Camp Hatchet Throwing Axe


  • The Grip-  First off, you need to hold it right.  If you don’t do that, your whole throw is going to be really dorky.  Hold it firmly, mostly secured by your fingers, and be absolutely certain that your not going to let go by accident.  Your trying to hit the target, not innocent bystanders.
  • Your Surroundings-  Don’t be that guy who was trying something new and didn’t go through all the safety precautions and wound up accidentally cutting off his friend’s arm.  Everyone tends to avoid that guy.  Instead, be the one who practiced far away from other people, honed his skills, and then started doing it for spectators’ entertainment.  That guy is pretty cool.  Also, it’s a lot easier to practice when you don’t have anyone breathing down your neck.  There’s no pressure for perfection.
  • The Stance-  For a beginner, be about three paces from your target (give or take depending on height and arm strength etc.), and keep your feet shoulder width apart, directly facing the target.
  • The Target-  The target should be about chest height and three to four paces away.  It should be an inanimate object, ideally wood, and preferably not expensive or of intense sentimental value, obviously.


  1. The Coil-  Raise your shoulder to about 90° and bend your elbow as far as you can comfortably.  The axe head should be anywhere from right above your shoulder to behind it.  Take care not to clip yourself in the shoulder, because that hurts.
  2. The Throw-  Quickly snap your arm forward, extending as far as comfortable.  When you release, follow through and keep that arm out and extended for just a second longer.
  3. Body Movement-  At first when I was just learning, I just stood still.  Now, I take a step back first, and step into the throw for more power.  You can do whatever you want, but keep it simple.  Don’t spin around three times, leap forward, and throw it down towards the target as hard as you can.  I’ve never done it, but someone else did while I watched.  Guess where the axe hit?  Not the target.
  4. The Mindset-  Your mindset is going to effect your release, thus flight pattern and rotation, and thus how well you throw the axe itself.  When I say mindset, I’m not talking about meditating half an hour prior to each throw or first achieving inner peace, what I mean is that you need to think about where the axe will hit, and the midair rotation.  If you’re thinking about this, you can make micro-adjustments as you release.
  5. The Release-  You need to just let it go.  No, not of your suppressed, bottled up emotions.  The axe, silly.  Keep those emotions down.  Where and how soon you let go during your throw will affect how far the axe has to travel, as well as the spin you put on it.  That’s your last bit of control of the axe until it enters flight.
  6. Axe Flight-  Not a lot you can do at this point but watch.  Try to see what you did right or wrong based off how the axe moves through the air.  The axe should rotate once and hit the target.  Another thing I tend to do after I’ve released the axe is to scream, “WATCH OUT!“.
  7. Impact-  If they listened to you say “Watch Out!”, everything should be fine.  If it isn’t, can I interest you in a Tourniquet?  If your rotation was right, it hit with the blade, and you had enough power, it should stick.


Okay, so I lied.  I know the article advertised, “Axe Throwing & Everything Explained”, but it’s just not realistic to expect me to condense the answers to life into a few paragraphs.  This article does not feature the answers to your next test.  Sorry.  But I do have the main answer:

We are all sinners who have committed crimes punishable by eternal death.  Bummer.  But here’s the good news!  God loved us enough to give His own Son to take the price and punishment for our sin by crucifixion.  After that, Jesus beat death and was resurrected!  God promises that if we confess our sin and repent, claim Jesus as our Savior and Master, and believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead, we will be saved and spend eternity with Him!

Well there you go.  Everything has been explained.  Except your next math test.

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