Rain on a Parade Isn’t Bad

Twice a year, the people of the little town of Medina drag all their stuff to the curb, set it on plastic tables, and hold a town wide street sale.  Then folks parade up and down Main Street visiting and buying and selling goods.  I usually find some pretty sweet bargains.  Some people set up shop for actual business to make profit off the event with homemade products and treats.  But last time the street sale occurred, it began to rain half way through.  Though it was only a delicate sprinkle, people started packing up their stuff anyway.  Around this time I made it into town, and took a quick run up and down Main Street making last minute bargains.  People were happy to lower their prices trying to get rid of their stuff before it got wet and worthless.

This $20 fighting/hunting knife at half price was my first find.  The Defender Xtreme is a quality blade, and is currently my go to adventure dagger.  I’ve done some exploration on my aunt’s estate, which is dense brush all around.  This knife cuts through briar and brush like nobody’s business.

I walked up to the table while the storm was just starting to brood over us.  The trader at the stand looked anxious to make some money while the sun still shined.  I examined each of his products, and then asked for the price of this particular knife.  “Twenty dollars,”  he stated resolutely.  I wasn’t sure I planned to spend that much the whole day.  The whole reason I was knife shopping in the first place was because I wanted something of high quality at a budget price, so that I could have a camping knife that wouldn’t cost me too much if I lost it.  I didn’t have twenty dollars to spend on knives anyway.  I took a step back and gazed to my left in the direction of other vendors, all ready to make their last profits before going home.  I kept my mouth shut and left a tense, awkward silence in the air.  He finally filled that silence.  “I suppose I can part with it for ten.”


Not long after my first purchase it began to sprinkle.  A man was loading up a trailer trying to get out of town before it started pouring too hard, and I pointed out a fillet knife that was sticking out of a melting cardboard box while he worked.  He said I could have it under the stipulation that I take an old tackle box too.

Not only did I get the cheap fillet knife I was looking for, but I got a basket to carry my new stuff too.

I got these two fine leather ammo holders for free at separate stands that were trying to load up and go home.  I just asked about them and was answered with a simple but generous, “Take it.”

I guess it makes sense economically.  Bad Weather = Less Customers = Lower Demand = Lower Prices.  Can’t wait to see how it goes next time the town sale comes out this fall.

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