Texas Plot Twister

The weather in Texas goes from bad to worse -and then nice again all within an hour.

If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait ten minutes.

-Elinor Pendaz

Elinor Pendaz is my grandmother on my mom’s side.  Living on the coast near the Gulf of Mexico, her saying was constantly reinforced by the elements.  My mom tells a story of when she was growing up about a day when she stood in the front yard of her home.  The sky was blackened by heavy storm clouds and pouring rain.  She stepped inside, walked directly to the back of the house, and stepped out the door onto a brightly lit porch with the warm sun radiating down.

Today a heavy front slid like a massive glacier across the skies above our ranch.  The transition from calm grey to raging charcoal skies was exhilarating.

I took photos just for y’all.

This first one is a panorama of the storm front kissing the tree line.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The clouds churned vigorously above. These shifting photos were taken at close intervals.

While taking this one, I was hit with an incredibly powerful gust of wind and light droplets of water. I turned around after this shot, to see the sheet metal roof peel off the top of the chicken coop like an orange rind and fly away.  At that point I decided to scurry on home before a projectile hit me.

The skies became even darker.  You can see a crackle of lightning in the photo above.  There were frequent unanticipated bursts of light, but this was the only one I successfully caught.

Mexican Caps dancing with the wind as the sky looms overhead. This is actually the first picture I took. You can tell the chronological order of the photos because the later ones become darker as the front rolls in.

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