Sherbert the Turtle

The Medina River is home to all sorts of unique wildlife, including turtles.  I was down at the river with my niece.  I decided to don my snorkel gear and do a bit of looking around.  I wanted to see just how fast I could go while wearing flippers, when I saw something green and small flapping around.  It was a baby turtle!  I drifted towards it to have a better look.  The turtle turned around to see me, did a 180° and paddled like mad towards the river bank.  I pursued, and kept a careful eye as to where it went as he took refuge behind some cypress roots.

I slowly approached, hands ready to snatch up my find.  I carefully reached around the roots and silently vowed not to shout in pain should it bite me.  You mustn’t forget to keep your mouth shut when your head is underwater…

I felt for a shell and plucked it up.  When I reached the surface, I called my niece over to have a look. She, of course, was as excited as I was, and immediately wanted to hold it.  She also named it Sherbert.

I didn’t have my camera on me, so we ran back to the house so I could get some photos.

We then began walking back to the river to set him free.  At this point, I noticed how disgusted the baby turtle appeared because we took him from the river.

We set him free and he quietly paddled away.

We’ll Miss You Sherbert!

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