Footprints in the Morning Dew

This isn’t one of my regular harrowing adventure stories where someone falls off a cliff or gets chased by a raging bull (although those are very good stories, yet to be published).  This is more of a photography display of my morning walk.

I woke up and reluctantly dragged my lazy carcass out of bed.  I lumbered down the stairs and opened the back door.  Immediately I heard the bright and clear gobble of turkeys.  I’ve been wanting to get a good photo of a flock of wild turkeys on the farm for a coming blog post, but they’ve eluded me every time I’ve tried to get a shot.  I haven’t been trying all that hard though…  I ran back up the stairs, grabbed my camera, and trod down the path towards the forest.

As I walked away from the house, I turned around to see my footprints defined in the wet grass.  I thought it was neat, so I snapped a photo.


And as I walked further, I snapped another.

I kept going.  I moved more quickly and quietly when I heard the sound of turkeys slowly moving away.  I entered the forest.  It didn’t take long to find evidence of turkeys.  The fresh tail feathers were enough for me to take a guess that they were recently there.  I guess you could call it a tell-tail sign.


I pressed on further, but it quickly became apparent that I was too late and too slow to overtake them today.  However, I found a vine of Old Man’s Beard, which gets its name from the seed, for obvious reasons.

I found this fascinating since I hadn’t seen any before in our area.  I took a right and followed the faint noise of rustling leaves in the distance.  What could be around the corner?

What’s Around The Corner?…


Just some cows hanging out in the forest.  I still thought it was picture worthy because of how the sunrise poked through the trees and highlighted the leaves.

After that, I found some fungi sprouting from the ground, and I got to take my best picture of the day.


If you know what sort of mushrooms these are, please let me know in the comments below.  I was wondering if they were edible, but I didn’t feel like gambling with one…

This blog post was a bit different from most of my others and centralized around photography rather than words.  As a reader if you prefer this style, or one of my other styles of posts, please let me know!  I’d love to hear your opinion.
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