In case you wanted to know the reason for this website’s name, look no further.  If you really don’t care, too bad, here it is:  While I was trying to find a good domain name, every single thing I tried was completely taken.  In part mock frustration I called out,  I SENSE A CONSPIRACY!!!  And the name was born.

About The Authors

Zach Lyman–  Zach Lyman is the author of I Sense A Conspiracy as well as an encyclopedia’s worth of unfinished books.  Favorite pastimes include drawing, playing with his cats, writing on this blog, praying to God, and spending time outside.  He has blown the PSAT out of the water in 7th grade, sold his first comic book for $2 in 3rd grade, brags a ton, has a P.H.D (Phoney Honorary Diploma), and can fly.  He decided to start blogging when he came to the conclusion that he was very funny, after noticing that everyone he met would laugh (and point) whenever they saw him.

The Cat–  The Cat is a walking hairball, and one of many pets living with Zach Lyman, as well as a part time author.  Although commonly known to the household as Spunky, his legal and official name is, Cornelius Spunken-heimer Claude Lyman.  Favorite pastimes include destroying furniture, ruining nice screen doors, dare deviling, and playing poker.  Spunky’s achievements include wolfing down an entire 5lbs. salmon in under five minutes, and secretly runs MI6.

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Contact Us: If you would like to submit something you would like to see on this blog or have a suggestion, contact the authors at:  isensenseaconspiracy@yahoo.com

If you have a complaint or would like to file a lawsuit, contact us at,


4 comments on “About

  1. Hi Zach… We were vacation the same week in August at the Peregrine Townhomes. How are you guys doing. I enjoyed watching you and your dad surf in the kayaks. I took some videos of you guys from the beach and I edited them with one of your videos from YouTube. I’m asking your permission to allow me to share it with my RV club. Here is link to google drive where I saved a copy. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tn8L5YeSq9QRjANpTmVrCIA9VRHHs0Ad
    Take care and God Bless
    Ron Kissner


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